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Our Instant Research survey solution will empower your company to offer your clients these benefits:

Cost effectiveness versus alternatives - our system provides results at a fraction of the cost of conducting a survey door to door, through the mail or via live agents.

Quick deployment - our surveys can be deployed in just hours and require no hardware setup or software installation.

Quick results -Our infrastructure allows us to field your survey in record time. The results are tabulated within seconds. Our solution consolidates data instantly which enables real-time monitoring of results. Our polls can be up and running in minutes, allowing you to be immediately responsive to current events.

Accuracy - eliminates the errors and high costs associated with data entry. Our proven methodology will ensure the validity of the results.

Convenience - Results anytime, from anywhere in real-time over the Web. Our web based data analysis tools allow you and your clients to quickly analyze your data even while it is still being gathered. The built-in intuitive tools allow for self-service analysis by your clients.

Just give us your questionnaire and we'll help you maximize your response rate and deliver the results in easy-to-read reports. We'll do it well and on-time. Then sit back and watch the results come in - instantly!

Capture Closed End and Open End Questions

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your target audience is essential for success. Now more than ever, it is imperative for you and your clients to have instant access to accurate data to efficiently tailor strategies to the needs of your customers.

Our technology allows you to capture both closed and open-ended responses from your interviews; respondents can either enter responses from their phone keypad or the open-ended comments can be captured in a sound file for later review. Because the open-ends are captured by machine, rather than an interviewer, the respondent is likely to be more open and honest, providing you and your client with candid and valuable feedback on products and services.

Open ended Coding / Original Voice CDs

The open-ended comments collected via the IVR interview can be provided to you electronically, coded and included in your data file or placed on a CD-ROM for delivery to you or your clients.

Regardless of how they are delivered, these recorded comments are extremely valuable, since they represent the voice of your respondents!

Data Files Your closed ended data is can be delivered in a variety of file formats, including SPSS, DBF, MDB (Access), or in ASCII fixed column or tab delimited format. Data is generally available instantly after your IVR project closes. You have access to frequencies and crosstabs for your project on a real-time basis, via secure web login as your project fields.

Pollie award

Aresco Instant Research was awarded a Pollie in the International Automated Phone Calls category at the 15th Annual Pollie Awards ceremony, which recognizes the best in Public Affairs and Political Communication.

ALACOP IX Annual Meeting

Location: Valencia, Venezuela Dates: May 19 and 20, 2006. Aresco Instant Research will present its services and solutions and perform hands-on demonstrations.

EAPC 2006 Conference The European Idea of Political Campaigns

Aresco Instant Research presented its services and solutions in a special panel dedicated to New Campaing Tools.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania. Dates: May 4,5 and 6, 2006.

AAPC 2006 Pollies Award and Conference

This conference brought together political consultants from the US and the world. Aresco Instant Research manned a stand presenting its services for the first time in the US. We also won a prestigeous Pollie Award for best International Automated phone message campaign!

Location: Napa, California. Dates: March 22, 23 and 24, 2006.

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