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What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, and can be generally defined as the technology that enables interaction between a caller and a computer via the telephone. Callers interact with IVR systems by pressing numbers on a telephone keypad or by recording their voice to answer the computer's voice prompts. Common uses of IVR include account balance inquiries, finding store locations and simple caller identification and routing.

Traditional on-premise IVR systems typically require large upfront capital expenditures for hardware and software, lengthy development and deployment cycles, and prohibitively expensive maintenance and support costs. The newer breed of hosted IVR solutions, such as Aresco Instant Research's offering, eliminates these barriers to entry by providing IVR solutions that don't require upfront investment, can be deployed in hours instead of months, and require no maintenance or support fees.

As a provider of on-demand IVR Survey solutions, Aresco Instant Research has fielded over 1100 surveys and placed over 5 million phone calls.

Just give us your questionnaire and we'll help you maximize your response rate and deliver the results in easy-to-read reports. We'll do it well and on-time. Then sit back and watch the results come in - instantly!

Pollie award

Aresco Instant Research was awarded a Pollie in the International Automated Phone Calls category at the 15th Annual Pollie Awards ceremony, which recognizes the best in Public Affairs and Political Communication.

IAPC (The International Association of Political Consultants)

Island. November 2017.

"Posmodernidad, Populismos y Medición de públicos" Elecciones legislativas en Argentina.

EAPC (European Association of Political Consultants)

Istanbul Turkey. May 2015.

"Nuevas tecnologías para estudios de Opinión Pública"

IAPC (The International Association of Political Consultants)

México. November 2015.

"Evaluación del proceso electoral en Argentina" .

IAPC (The International Association of Political Consultants)

Rome. November 2014.

"El destino incierto de Argentina".

ALACOP IX Annual Reunion

Brasilia, Brazil May 2014.

"Uso y abuso de las encuestas".

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